About FIS

FIS are market leading manufacturers of Construction Chemicals, Structural Waterproofing systems and Flooring systems. With our wide range of products and capabilities we have worked with Contractors and Structural Engineers all over the world on a variety of projects ranging from Power Stations in Africa. At FIS we enjoy using our extensive capability and expertise to the maximum.

Our particular strength is in Structural Waterproofing systems for structures, ranging from water treatment works and reservoirs to multi-storey basements. Premcrete’s experienced team of technical consultants work closely with Architects, Project Managers, Structural Engineers and Contractors to construct waterproofing designs which exceed the requirements and satisfy all stakeholders in the project.

FIS is a progressive and innovative manufacturer with over 60 years experience in construction.  We’ve been listening to our clients since the beginning, constantly striving to provide excellence in our products and service. We understand the requirements of today’s construction professional and draw on our experience to provide market leading solutions, delivered with quality technical expertise. We have the ability and desire to produce exceptional solutions with our unique products and services, regardless of the project, its location and size.

This is demonstrated further by Premtrac, a unique dedicated portal designed specifically for contractors to control quality and ensure quality of installation at all times. This is offered as a free tool for all FIS projects to assist the installer and give assurance to all other stakeholders in the project.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The staff and directors at FIS are committed to supporting charities who aim to make the world a better place. We have chosen three main charities to support. They all deal with different social issues and are of different statures however we believe any donations no matter the size will make a difference and help lives improve.

Our charities receive a donation annually from FIS and we support unique projects individually as required.

Crash Charity
Help for Heroes

H2 Accreditations