Our Accreditations

All our systems, and products are subject to stringent control which is backed by recognised certification. 


Our business systems, methods of operation and everything we do in business is subject to the rigorous control of ISO9001. Our business methods of operation are regularly inspected by a third party inspector who ensures we are reporting and recording correctly so as to ensure we are providing a high quality service.

Construction Line

We work alongside Construction line to ensure all our company details are kept up to date and streamlined to make it as easy as possible for our clients to access our accreditation details and company documents.


The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme is designed to improve Health and Safety in construction and reduce duplication for construction suppliers and buyers. FIS use this scheme to make it as easy as possible to contractually interact with us.


FIS only design and specify systems using BBA certified products. The British Board of Agrement was set up in 1966 to control and improve quality in manufactured construction goods. Today, FIS hold many BBA certificates within the product range covering all the major components for any waterproofing system.


Our Technical advisors and designers all hold the CSSW qualification. CSSW – Certified Structural Surveyor of Waterproofing is a qualification which all designers of waterproofing systems should have. This is an extensive programme and participants qualify by completing exams whilst practicing CPD to ensure they are designing in accordance with the most modern and up to date information available.


FIS work with many of the crossrail contractors and stakeholders and are fully compliant with all systems of site access and material supply.