The Cleveland Clinic is a world leader in providing specialist medical care. With established, well respected hospitals and clinics in the US, Canada and UAE, they are bringing the same recognised level of medical excellence to the UK.  33 Grosvenor Place in Belgravia was purchased with a view to creating a custom built hospital and planning permission was granted in January 2017. The scheme involves demolition of the existing building whilst retaining the original facade. Once demolition is completed, a basement will be constructed before the new hospital building is built carefully connecting to the existing facade.

We are pleased to be working with Byrne Bros and The Erith Group on this complex and prestigious new healthcare facility. The new basement is designed to provide a Grade Three space in accordance with BS8102:2009. Working closely with Waterman Group Structural Engineers, FIS have produced a comprehensive structural waterproofing design using Premcrerete waterproofing systems, to ensure the basement is compliant with BS 8102:2009 to Grade Three.