Rosetrees is an extension to the Betty and Asher Loftus Centre with an underground link to Lady Sarah Cohen House. This is a North London Jewish care home providing High quality bespoke care and nursing. The project required a complete new accommodation facility to be constructed.

This care home building was built on steep ground with the rear of the building underground. Durkan Group Ltd won the contract to construct the new facility and subcontracted the basement and groundworks package to Modebest Builders Ltd. A waterproofing package was required which would meet the following:

• Provide specific detail drawings
• A design in accordance with BS8102:2009
• Provide significant cost savings compared to the specified system
• Be suitable for installation in cold and wet weather
• Provide a guarantee equivalent to the specified system

FIS were able to meet all the requirements. A fast service was required and detail drawings were completed within 24 hours. FIS attended site regularly to inspect the installation and help with any technical queries as they arose. The Maxiprufe 2000 application is fast and simple which meant Modebest could apply the material in the middle of winter, in poor weather conditions and keep the project on track.