This new 6000M2 building in the centre of Oxford was designed to provide a new academic and residential quad for 100 students including lecture halls, seminar rooms and learning spaces.

The new basement was to take up the complete footprint of the plot and the construction method involved a secant pile wall to create the perimeter of the basement. As this was a high profile project which would see the basement used for living and educational purposes. FIS were able to design a waterproofing system which came within the budget and would provide a dual barrier waterproofing system.

A dual barrier waterproofing system was chosen as it eliminated the risk of total failure in the event of workmanship error. FIS Construction products designed a bentonite membrane as a primary barrier which was fixed to the piles in order for it to mechanically bond to the concrete liner wall. The liner wall was poured with a waterproof additive which acted as the secondary waterproof barrier to create a dual barrier system.

Particular attention was give to the service penetrations and to the connections to the existing retained facade. The waterproofing had to connect with the existing DPC in the existing Grade Two listed facade.

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