The Ipswich Chord is a 1.2km double track railway providing essential connection between the East Suffolk Line and the Great Eastern Line. The Chord forms part of the strategic freight network between Ipswich and Peterborough. Spencer Group was commissioned by Network Rail for the design and construction phase of the project. The team was faced with access difficulties to a site hemmed in by rail , river and urban development; and in successfully gaining the support of local landowners and users for the permanent and temporary work. Working alongside a live railway required a significant disruptive possession regime including a 5-day blockade over Christmas 2013. This required an intricate plan of staged construction.

FIS worked with the engineering team to design a suite of rapid-setting products which would function even in cold weather. This would allow the programme to proceed with rapidity to deliver the project  on time. Products supplied included Teknodure F, Epodure PS, Teknocem Rapid.