Brownfield specialist Inland Homes secured planning permission to develop 239 residential units and 15,845 sq ft of commercial space at its Lily’s Walk site in High Wycombe. The site was the former National Grid gasworks an meaning there was the need to undertake extensive remediation and specialist environmental works to bring the site to residential standard.

FIS worked with Inland Homes and Toureen Group to produce a compliant design which managed the risks associated with building on a site that was heavily contaminated with Hydrocarbons and therefore a high gas risk.

FIS designed the sub-structure protection using Combi-Seal Plus, which is a hydrocarbon-resistant waterproof membrane. Grade 3 areas required extra protection in the form of Hydrocrete Watertight Concrete. Careful detailing around the perimeter of the structures was paramount to deal effectively with the risks posed by the extensive hydrocarbon contamination.