CMP Thames Ltd were the principle contractor on this project in Liverpool Docks to create a new docking terminal for the cruise liners berthing at Liverpool Docks. The new docking posts were installed with a steel internal tube pile. This resulted in a 100 mm annulus which was filled with a structural non-shrink grout to anchor the steel piles into the pre-drilled sockets in the river bed.. The grout had to be an anti-washout grout which would displace the sea water as the sockets were filled

As  CMP Thames Ltd were working from barges in the dock, the grout had to be cementitious based to aid logistics and on site mixing. The contractor also required the grout in 1000 Kg bulk bag form rather than 25 Kg sacks.

FIS Products were able to help the site design team and the piling contractor with selection of the correct product which met all the requirements. This was a complex project which had a lot of factors requiring consideration. The strength, mix design and displacement properties of Teknodure AW were taken into account as were the pumping requirements. FIS products worked with the contractor to ensure the grout could be pumped the required distances and to ensure the water displacement would be achieved as required as it was important that all stakeholders in the project were happy that the grout could be mixed, pumped and placed correctly prior to commencement on site. The space on the barges was of a premium and ease of mixing equally important. FIS supplied the grout in 1000 Kg bulk bags in consideration of these factors.