This project is located on a former industrial site which presented its own challenges during construction. The ground was badly contaminated with fuels and oils meaning a high level of Hydrocarbons was present. Balfour Beatty required a gas-proofing package which would:

• Provide specific detail design
• Provide sufficient gas tight systems
• Provide a cost saving compared to the specified system
• Be suitable for installation in cold and wet weather
• Provide a guarantee equivalent to the specified system

FIS designed a system to resist the high levels of hydrocarbon and gases that were present. FIS attended design workshops to propose a system which was within the budget whilst meeting the demands of BS8485:2007 and CIRIA 665. Project specific drawings were produced detailing the method of construction and the interfacing of the different products. Regular site inspections were carried out as part of our robust quality control regime and a full warranty was issued upon completion.