RG Carter were adding to this modern and vibrant city, by constructing a Premier Inn and were under pressure with no time to spare on this demanding project. They needed to save money wherever possible whilst keeping the project on track for completion. Not only was the timescale and budget tight, the construction was during the middle of winter! A waterproofing package was required which would:

• Provide specific detail design,
• Provide a cost saving compared to the specified system
• Be suitable for installation in cold and wet weather
• Provide a guarantee equivalent to the specified system

Detail designs were completed within five days and materials were delivered within a week. Using a Bentonite membrane, meant that installation could take place through December and continue through rain and snow. As no primer or protection board was required this meant that installation was fast and simple. FIS worked closely with sub-contractor – Midwest Formwork to deliver materials on a next day service as required. This made working conditions on site easier and all of RG Carters requirements were met.