This was a complex project undertaken by Galliford Try SIAC JV to build a new highway by-passing Kingskerswell in Devon. The project involved constructing several bridge and tunnel structures and building several kilometres of retaining walls alongside the new road ways. The site team required a consistent supply of joint filler and joint sealing compounds to be supplied to site as required. The filler boards and sealants had to suit various sizes of  joint and blend in with the precast sections used to seal the top of the retaining walls.

FIS Products worked with the site engineers and design team to supply specialist High and Low density filler boards in various sizes and thicknesses. The Preflex 300 polysulphide sealant in grey was selected as a suitable joint sealant to provide the required robust, chemical resistant seal whilst maintaining flexibility.

FIS technicians were also able to help with the specification and supply of specialist high strength bedding mortars, grouts and Concrete repair mortars.