Costain were contracted to demolish the existing school buildings and construct the new school.

The school was built on a section of ground with a steep gradient meaning there were a number of retaining walls requiring protection from water ingress.

The water table was classified as high which meant that a lot of the new structure was to be built below the water table. There was a total of 6000M2 of structure that required a high performance waterproof membrane.

FIS met the following criteria:

  • Specific design required by CSSW qualified personnel.
  • Design covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance to £10 million.
  • A full product range that is BBA Certified.
  • Single Source Warranty for the whole system.
  • Commercially attractive system.
  • Robust training and quality control regime.

FIS proposed using Maxiprufe 2000 as a Bentonite membrane which resists hydrostatic water pressure in critical situations.

All construction joints were sealed using Hydrostop BR, a Hydrophilic waterstop. Hydroseal FX, a cementitious coating was applied to the top of the pile caps which removed the need for the membrane to be wrapped around each pilecap, speeding up the construction process significantly.

FIS worked closely with Mitchellson Ltd, inspecting during installation which enabled a full warranty.