The New York based Hotelier Gansevoort chose trendy Shoreditch as an ideal location for a new boutique hotel in London. Bouygues UK Ltd won the £26.6M contract to construct the building and began piling and excavating using their own groundworks team. This complex project began with a deep basement construction to accommodate three levels of Grade Three underground space.

FIS were able to help Bouygues achieve a grade three waterproofing system. FIS attended design team meetings and worked to fulfill the requirements of the engineers and meet the budget of Bouygues.

FIS proposed a combined system of Maxiprufe 2000 and Hydroflow HP20 for the basement slab. Once a survey of the piles had been carried out, it was necessary to redesign the vertical waterproofing and a Hydroseal FX slurry coating was applied to the concrete liner walls which were constructed from Hydrocrete Concrete. Hydroflow HP8 was then fitted to the walls as a Type C waterproofing protection barrier.

This design was developed to meet the budget from Bouygues UK Ltd and FIS were flexible according to requirements at design stage supporting the various contractors throughout the process to ensure success at all stages of the construction process.