Located in the heart of London, the new eleven storey building will be home to one of only two NHS proton beam therapy (PBT) centres in the UK. PBT is an advanced form of radiotherapy used for the treatment of complex and hard-to-treat cancers in children and adults. Previously patients had to travel abroad for PBT, but now patients can benefit from local access to this advanced treatment at UCLH with potentially better outcomes and a lower risk of longer term side effects.

FIS were contracted by Bouygues UK to produce a detailed design for the structural waterproofing for this 5 storey basement. The construction comprised of a 2 metre thick raft slab and diaphragm walls around the perimeter. At nearly 30 metres deep the basement required careful detailing and monitoring of workmanship. Maxiprufe Plus was used as a Type A waterproof membrane beneath the raft slab. The diaphragm walls were then protected using a Type C Cavity Drain Membrane system.