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New NHBC requirements for 2017

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NHBC is a standard setting organisation and home construction warranty provider for new homes in the UK. NHBC have recently published a new set of standards for 2017 and chapter 5.4 for waterproofing of basements and underground structures makes some big changes in the way waterproofing systems should be designed for NHBC certified construction projects.

Chapter 5.4 calls for a suitably qualified waterproofing designer to be appointed as early as possible in the design of the scheme to enable them to work alongside the engineers and other designers on the project.

NHBC recognise the CSSW qualification by the Property Care Association as producing a suitable level of qualification. Every new project certified by the NHBC will now have to enlist the services of a CSSW qualified waterproofing designer as early on in the project as possible.

FIS have always taken qualification and accreditation very seriously and all our waterproofing proposals are designed and checked by CSSW qualified technicians. Members of our design and technical team have been CSSW qualified for a long time and we are always glad to be able to help with technical advice and working detail designs at any stage of a project however we agree with NHBC that a qualified designer should be appointed as early as possible. It is very important the the structure and the method of construction is designed in such a way that it can be successfully waterproofed. With more Waterproofing Designers working alongside Structural Engineers and Architects in 2017 we can expect to see improved waterproofing designs and construction methods which are more conducive to being waterproofed.

Contact us today if you have a project which requires a design for Structural Waterproofing. Our CSSW qualified team will be glad to provide quality technical advice and find a solution for your project.



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