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Gas protection for buildings will safely prevent harm from toxic ground gases. Gas Protection in accordance with BS8485:2015 is extremely important in the prevention of gases such as radon, a colourless radioactive gas naturally formed in rocks and soils, which is believed to increase the risk of lung cancer.


All types of buildings can be affected by gas, not just basements, leaving a whole host of people at risk of exposure if appropriate gas protection is not issued. If you are an Architect, Engineer, Design Manager or Project Manager involved in the development of a new building, you need to be up to date and aware of the latest requirements from the British Standards and Building Insurers such as NHBC and Premier Guarantees.

Gas membranes and coatings are applied for gas protection above and below ground level and if designed correctly, they can also act as an effective waterproof system. Generally, the application consists of pre-applied membranes, appropriate loose laid gas proof DPMs and liquid applied coatings, complying with the latest British Standards BS8485:2015.

Products for Gas Protection

Premcrete Combi-Seal

The Premcrete Combi-Seal is a pre-applied waterproof membrane which protects against ground gases too. The membrane is tested in accordance with the gas protection British Standard BS8485:2015 and is easy and flexible to install, making it an ideal solution for pre-application.

Read more about Premcrete Combi-Seal.

Premcrete Hydroprufe 8000

Premcrete Hydroprufe 8000 is a high-performance self-adhesive waterproofing membrane used for substructures where resistance against methane and radon gas is required. This membrane is manufactured from an aluminium/polythene laminate coated on one surface with a layer of self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen.

Read more about Hydroprufe 8000.

Premcrete Hydroprufe LG

Premecrete Hydroprufe LG is an elastomeric, one-part polymer modified liquid that dries to form a flexible, black membrane. This single part high-performance product is suitable for gas proofing, damp proofing and waterproofing of vulnerable concrete structures.

If you would like to know more about Hydroprufe LG, our design team would be happy to discuss in more detail and help you determine whether this product is the best option for your project.


British Standards BS8485:2015

The BS8485:2015 provides the regulations concerned with ground classification, building types and gas protection design. If a development site has an issue with gases or hydrocarbons in the ground it will be given a Characteristic Situation Score according to how severe the gas flow from the ground is.

Working with FIS, to design gas proofing for a project using Premcrete systems, whether a house basement, residential block or new skyscraper, needn’t be more complicated than it has to be. We ensure that the requirements for BS8485:2015 and Building insurers such as NHBC are met efficiently.


Gas Protection CPD Seminar: A Guide to the Design of Gas Protection Systems

FIS offers a free RIBA approved 45-minute guide covering all the essentials of gas protection for buildings, highlighting the importance of quality research even before the design has begun.

We discuss the appropriate type of protection and the requirements of the British Standard BS8485:2015 for every gas protection project conveniently at your office location, including a free lunch provided by us. To find out more about what is included in our CPD Seminar, take a look at our CPD booking page.

Why CPD is Important

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) focuses on the further education of knowledge, expertise and experience. The “guide to the design of gas protection systems” CPD seminar from FIS ensures that you are compliant and up to date with the current British Standards BS8485:2015.

FIS Products also include a CPD Seminar on structural waterproofing: “A guide to the design of structural waterproofing for basements” which covers the essentials of Structural Waterproofing design.

If you would like to book onto one of our CPD seminars, visit our booking page.

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From initial design concept to installation and verification of gas protection measures, FIS Products covers the whole waterproofing and gas protection process.

With certified gas proof designs and systems, design covered by £10M Professional Indemnity Insurance, free and unlimited on-site support and 25-year performance warranty, FIS are redefining gas proofing for engineers, designers and managers.


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