design Concept

Developing a design concept is foundational to any successful construction project. It gives a design its depth, meaning and direction which ultimately serves to guide the design work. Not only is it important to get the concept right from a buildability perspective, it also serves as an effective pitch to clients to ensure buy-in from every stakeholder on a project.

FIS have the expertise and construction knowledge to provide technical guidance at the early stages of a project. From understanding the risks on any project, through to speed of construction. We understand contracting and we understand how important it is to get the design right first time.

Waterproofing Design


Structural Waterproofing Design     concrete waterproofing

Design Compliance

We work strictly in accordance with the British Standard for Structural Waterproofing, Gas Protection Measures and Concrete Repair. We also work within the guidelines of other published guidance by bodies such as CIRIA, ICE and NHBC.