Quality Management

Innovative products and systems must be accompanied by robust quality management systems. From document control through to non-conformance reporting, FIS have it covered.

Document Control

Ensuring the construction team is working from the correct construction details is important, especially with the quantity and speed that information that is transmitted. FIS manage the whole document system using the bespoke Premtrac system for complete transparency.


Site Training

Adequate site training of operatives is paramount for the successful installation of products on any project. FIS provide free on-site training to ensure competency. Prior to installation, we attend site and hold training sessions with the site personnel who will be installing the products, we also issue typical detail photographs and videos which make it very easy for any installer to understand exactly how correct installation is achieved.


Quality Control

To provide an improved quality control procedure, we have developed the Premtrac online portal. Premtrac is an interactive online portal which is used to manage the whole Quality Control question, from quality of installation to document control and non-conformance reporting. The contractor must upload photos and complete tick sheets for approval, approval is provided remotely in real-time by our technical team, we use Premtrac alongside our current site inspection regime to provide complete and traceable quality control package. Using Premtrac significantly speeds up the quality control process and improves traceability, anyone can log in from anywhere at any time to view any detail design, report or image.

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