Concrete Chemicals and Admixtures

The Premcrete range of concrete chemicals includes retarders, release agents, curing agents and specialist concrete coatings.

FIS work with concrete contractors and groundwork contractors to enable them to produce the best concrete finish possible enabling them to leave behind a legacy they are proud of.


Curing Agents

Premcrete Cureaid 1000W

Premcrete Cureaid 1000S

Premcrete Envirocure 90


Release Agents and Mould Oils

Premcrete Premlease 250S

Premcrete Premstrike 500S

Premcrete Premtard MF

Premcrete Premtard TF


Coatings and Admixtures 

Premcrete Prodasil 750

Premcrete Prodafix 878