Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, as a result, it is also the most exposed material to corrosive elements compared to any other building material. The effects of corrosion reaching reinforcement can prove catastrophic not to mention being seriously in breach of many required health and safety specifications.

At FIS Products, we are able to facilitate many concrete repair and protection solutions, including high build concrete repair, thick section reinstatement, fast-setting repair mortars and many other specialist mortars for the specialist application. We cover the complete spectrum of concrete repair products which are specially designed to aid in the rehabilitation, restoration and overall protection of concrete structures and installations. We are able to provide a Premcrete Concrete repair product for any type of concrete repair situation. Horizontal and vertical repairs, lightweight and high strength repairs, fast setting and chemical resistant repairs are all something which we can write concrete repair specification for.

Listed below are links to our manufacturer’s catalogue that cover a complete range of concrete repair and protection needs:

Cementitious Concrete Repair

Lightweight and High Build Vertical Concrete Repair

Single compound cementitious mortars constructed with the most advanced polymer chemical technology, Premcrete’s lightweight and high build vertical concrete repair options come with high-level polymer properties. Using advanced free fibre technology reprofiling is made easy with these repair mortars whilst they are also perfectly suited for high-build concrete repair in both vertical and overhead situations.

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Thick Section Horizontal Concrete Repair

If you are looking to repair a thick section of horizontal concrete, we have the right reinstatement concrete for you. Premcrete offers a range of concrete repair solutions that produce high early strength, high abrasion resistance and resistance to chloride and carbon dioxide breakdown. This makes both the Premcrete Teknocem LA and Premcrete Teknopave suitable for the repair of both trafficked and non-traffiked concrete areas. Both products are suited to reinstating concrete pavement, floors, paths and roadways as well as being capable of specialist repair work on large structural elements, such as Bridges, Sea Walls, Water Features and Airport Runways

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Specialist Concrete Repair

With concrete being so prevalent in today’s built environments, we understand the need for specialist concrete repair options for all situations. Our manufacturer – Premcrete provides repair mortars for even the most challenging environments, so whether you need a mortar to set in low or high temperatures or to gain an unusually high compressive strength or perhaps you require a concrete repair which is suitable for use in a marine or freshwater environment, we can provide you with a suitable concrete repair solution.

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Epoxy Concrete Repair

Epoxy Mortars

Epoxy resin based mortars, both Premcrete Eponite GP and Premcrete Eponite HB have very high compressive and tensile strengths making them ideal for both floor and overhead masonry repairs. These mortars are easily applied using a trowel for precision and are able to cure quickly for ease of application.

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Epoxy crack injection

Shrinkage cracks can be difficult to repair but it is very important and the Premcrete range of epoxy structural crack repair makes it easy.  Premcrete Epodure P epoxy crack injection resin, being a low viscosity resin is perfect for repairing cracks down to 0.25mm. For wider cracks, Premcrete Epodure TH’s thixotropic grade can be used for cracks down to 1.5mm.

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Bedding Mortars

Bedding mortars, such as Premcrete Eponite PS and Premcrete Teknoset RSM, are key to today’s urban environment and Highway maintenance contractors. These mortars are designed specifically to support Highway ironwork and all types of highway furniture. Consequently, they are designed not only to gain high early strength in order to minimalise transportation disruptions but also to be highly resistant to petroleum and chlorides attack.

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