Structural Cementitious and Epoxy Grouts

We work with Civil Engineering contractors and Groundworkers alike to provide the correct structural grout for the project in question. The Premcrete range of Cementitious and Epoxy grouts is wide ranging and the grouts are used for regular steel frame construction as well as much more demanding situations such has bridges and record-breaking structures like the British Airways I360.


Cementitious Grouts

Premcrete Teknodure GP

Premcrete Teknodure HF

Premcrete Teknodure HS

Premcrete Teknodure TS

Premcrete Groutex


Epoxy and Polyester Grouts 

Premcrete Epodure HS

Premcrete Epodure P/TH

Premcrete Epodure PS

Premcrete Epodure AG