Self Adhesive Bitumen Membranes

As part of the external range of Type A waterproof membranes, FIS also use the Premcrete bitumen based membranes. Bitumen membranes are self-adhesive waterproofing membranes. They are Type A barriers because they are applied to the external face of the structure and need to be strong and robust due to the fact that they will have aggregate and backfill compacted against them.

As part of a range of bitumen membranes, Premcrete has developed Hydroprufe 8000 which is a robust, waterproof and gas proof membrane. It is very lightweight and robust for maximum ease of application and whilst always resisting puncture to ensure a complete gas tight seal is acheived.

FIS design Type A waterproofing systems using the following Premcrete self-adhesive membranes, you can access more information and download the product technical datasheet by clicking on the links below, this will take you to the Premcrete website where you can download the datasheet:


Hydroprufe 3000

A waterproof self-adhesive membrane

Width 1.05M
Length 19.05M
Weight 28Kg
Accessories Hydroprufe Primer

Protection Board 600


Premcrete Hydroprufe 3000


Hydroprufe 8000

A self-adhesive gas proof waterproof membrane

Width 1.05M
Length 28.6M
Weight 38Kg
Accessories Hydroprufe Primer

Protection Board 600


Premcrete Hydroprufe 8000


  • Bitumen Membranes
  • Structural Waterproofing