Floor Coatings and Screeds

At FIS we offer design advice on floor and concrete surface treatments. Using the Premcrete range we can design and supply flowable screeds and high specification paint coatings as well as high quality concrete sealers and anti-carbonation coatings.


Premcrete Premtop 720

Premcrete Prembase 760

Premcrete Eposcreed HD

Premcrete Eposcreed SL


Floor Paints


Premcrete Epoprime W

Premcrete Epoprime DPM

Premcrete Epoprime OR

Premcrete Epoprime MMA



Premcrete Epocote SF

Premcrete Epocote WB

Premcrete Epocote MMA

Premcrete Epocote Ultra

Premcrete  Epoflex PU

Premcrete Epoflex Ultra

Premcrete Epoflex MMA


Sealers and Coatings

Premcrete Prodasil 862 W

Premcrete Prodasil 968

Premcrete Prodasil AC