Cureaid 1000S


CUREAID 1000S is a resin-based dispersion which is designed for application to the top surface of freshly placed concrete, to retain an optimum amount of water which allows the full hydration of the cement. CUREAID 1000S is also available as an aluminized product which incorporates an aluminium flake. When applied to freshly placed concrete this produces a reflective metallic surface which will reflect the solar heat for maximum cement hydration. CUREAID 1000S curing agents act as a film which has an efficiency in excess of 90%.


CUREAID 1000S is suitable for use in critical applications where maximum curing efficiency is paramount. It is applied to the top surface of the concrete and will improve the physical properties of the hardened concrete. It is typically used for critical construction such as airfield pavement areas, roads, docks and other areas where maximum hydration of the cement is critical.


  • Reduces surface cracking.
  • Improves mechanical properties of hardened concrete.
  • 90% efficient.
  • Easy spray application.