Epocote MMA


EPOCOTE MMA is a two-component methacrylate resin coating with ultra-rapid curing characteristics. It is designed to be applied to floor and wall substrates to provide a high performance coating with decorative properties. The product comprises of a base component and a catalyst component in pre-weighed packs suitable for mixing on site. It is easily mixed and applied to a variety of substrates to provide a durable, chemical resistant coating.


EPOCOTE MMA is used as a protective and decorative coating with excellent abrasion and chemical resistant properties. Its fast curing characteristics make it particularly suitable for application in areas which required an early return to service. Applications include, workshops, warehouses, factories and cold rooms.


• Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.
• Suitable for application at sub-zero temperatures.
• Hygienic and cleanable.
• Ultra-rapid curing.