Epocote WB


EPOCOTE WB is a water-based epoxy coating suitable for application to concrete masonry steel and other porous substrates. Its aqueous nature makes it particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive environments. It is also very used friendly, due to its exceptionally low odour. It is a two-component product comprising of a base component and a curing agent. It is supplied in pre-weighed packs, suitable for easy mixing on site, it offers good chemical resistance and is highly durable.


EPOCOTE WB is suitable for application to floors and walls where a durable chemical resistant coating is required, it is easily cleaned and is suitable for use in food preparation areas. It offers good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including dilute acids and alkaloids, vegetable oils, petrol and diesel.


  • Extremely low odour.
  • Ease of application by semi-skilled operatives.
  • Suitable for application to damp substrates.
  • Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals.