Epodure AG


EPODURE AG is a high-performance polyester resin anchor grout which is suitable for the fixing of steel holding down bolts, reinforcement bars and other components into concrete, stone and masonry. It is an extremely rapid curing two-component product making it suitable for application where loads are applied quickly. EPODURE AG is suitable for use in dynamic load situations.

EPODURE AG is supplied in two grades:

EPODURE AG/S: Pouring grade resin for horizontal application.

EPODURE AG/P: Thixotropic grade resin, suitable for vertical applications.


EPODURE AG is used as a high-performance extremely rapid setting anchor grout for the fixing of steel bolts and reinforcement starter bars, where an excellent bond is required and where an early load is to be applied. Applications include, holding down bolts for steel frame builds, rail truck base plates, machine bed anchoring and other situations where a high impact load is anticipated.


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry.
  • High early strength gain, allowing loads to be applied quickly.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Suitable for use in under water applications.