Eponite TS


EPONITE TS is a three-component high strength epoxy screed suitable for thick section application. It is supplied in pre-weighed packs comprising of a base resin component, a curing agent and a graded aggregate. It is easily mixed together on site and applied to the substrate to form an extremely durable abrasion and impact resistant repair which exhibits excellent chemical resistant properties.


EPONITE TS is used for the repair of concrete in deep sections where it is important to ensure that the cured screed is resistant to impact and abrasion whilst retaining its chemical resistant properties. It is also suitable for use as a high-performance bedding mortar for slabs and paviours that are subject to heavy trafficking.


  • Highly impact and abrasion resistant.
  • Excellent bond strength to concrete and steel.
  • Chemical resistance once cured.
  • High compressive strength.