Hydrobar PVC Waterbar


HYDROBAR is a range of high-performance PVC extruded waterstops designed to prevent the passage of water through construction and expansion joints in watertight structures. The HYDROBAR WATERSTOP range includes the REARSTOP and CENTRESTOP profiles and a number of pre-formed junction pieces and sections depending upon the application.


HYDROBAR WATERSTOPS are primarily designed for use as an effective method to seal expansion joints in cast-in-situ concrete structures. The WATERSTOPS are intended for use
on water retaining and water excluding structures, including reservoirs, water tanks, dams, swimming pools, basements, tunnels, underground carparks etc.


• Provides an effective seal at expansion joints.

• Joints are easily welded on site.

• Available in a number of profiles and sizes.

• Supplied with a number of pre-formed pieces.