HYDROCRETE is a powerful, combined Crystalline and Hydrophobic pore-blocking concrete admixture which is used to greatly reduce the permeability and water absorption to provide an effective barrier to the transmission of water through the micro-pores within the matrix of hardened concrete. It is supplied in powder form, in pre-weighed water-soluble bags, suitable for addition to the concrete at the batching plant. HYDROCRETE is a unique double action additive, which effectively lines the pore and capillary structure of the cement, reversing the capillary suction that normally occurs in concrete. It also physically blocks the capillaries to greatly reduce the transmission of water when under hydrostatic pressure.


HYDROCRETE is used as an integral waterproof admixture which will produce watertight concrete when used as part of the HYDROCRETE watertight concrete system. Applications include waterproofing of basements, swimming pools, lift pits, tunnels, culverts and other structures which require resistance to water ingress.


  • Reduces permeability of concrete.
  • Produces integrally waterproof concrete structures.
  • Increases corrosion resistance of concrete.
  • Chloride free, offering extra protection to the reinforcement bars.
  • Pre-weighed powder component supplied in water soluble bags for ease of dispensing.
  • Consistent performance through accurate addition at concrete batching plant.