Hydroprufe 3000


HYDROPRUFE 3000 is a high performance cold applied waterproof membrane, manufactured from tough cross-orientated HDPE film to a layer of rubber adhesive. The applied film has excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability making it suitable for application to concrete and masonry structures where resistance to ground water is required.


HYDROPRUFE 3000 is used for the tanking of substructures and in particular slab-edge detailing in conjunction with other PREMCRETE waterproof membranes. It is post applied to a primed substrate to provide an effective barrier to ground water. Typical uses include retaining walls, lift pits, culverts and tunnels.


  • Rapid and easy installation.
  • Cold applied system.
  • Flexible yet robust membrane.
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
  • Capable of resisting a 6 metre head of water when fully supported.