Hydroprufe HCR Tapes


HYDROPRUFE HCR BUTYL TAPE is a double-sided tape which is used for the effective sealing of damp-proof and gas-proof membranes. It is applied as a 30mm wide tape with a release paper on one side.
HYDROPRUFE HCR GIRTH TAPE is a single-sided reinforced tape supplied as 50mm wide roll for the effective sealing of lap joints to prevent displacement during concrete pours.
HYDROPRUFE DETAIL TAPE is a tape which is used to ensure the continuity of gas and damp-proof membranes, particularly at complex junctions and when terminating the membrane.


HYDROPRUFE HCR TAPES are suitable for use in conjunction with HYDROPRUFE 9000, HYDROPRUFE 7000 and HYDROPRUFE DPM for the effective sealing of adjacent sheets of membrane.


• Good adhesion to all membranes.
• Long lasting seal achieved.
• Butyl component provides effective barrier to ground gas.