Maxiprufe 2000


MAXIPRUFE 2000 is a waterproof membrane consisting of two polypropylene geotextiles, a lower woven fabric and an upper non-woven fabric, encapsulating powdered sodium bentonite at a minimum weight of 4.9 Kg/ M2. The two geotextiles are mechanically interlocked by a needle punching process which locks the two geotextiles membranes together effectively encapsulating the sodium bentonite powder. The membrane is designed to swell on contact with water and must be confined with concrete to provide an effective barrier to water under hydrostatic pressure.


MAXIPRUFE 2000 is used as a pre-applied waterproof membrane to provide effective resistance to ground water and moisture, in the construction of substructures including basement construction, lift pits, tunnels, culverts and other substructures where resistance to hydrostatic pressure is required.


  • Rapid and easy installation in most weather conditions.
  • No priming or lap tapes required.
  • Excellent bond to freshly placed concrete.
  • Intimate bond to concrete, prevents tracking of water between the membrane and the structure.