Maxiprufe Plus


MAXIPRUFE PLUS is a composite pre-applied waterproof membrane utilizing the very latest PREMCRETE APANTM technology which produces an enhanced active bond to fresh concrete to become an internal part of the structure to which it has been applied. The active pre-applied nano-seal technology provides a secondary waterproof element for unique hybrid protection. The self-healing nature of the membranes secures the integrity of the waterproofing system, substantially reducing the risk of failure. The membrane is a lightweight yet robust composition which provides ease of installation. The applied membrane will effectively resist hydrostatic water pressure conforming to BS 8102:2009 as a type A barrier membrane.


MAXIPRUFE PLUS is used as a pre-applied structural waterproofing and damp-proof membrane to provide an effective barrier to water for the life time of the structure to which it has been applied. Applications include, the waterproofing of substructures, such as basement constructions, lift pits, tunnels, culverts and swimming pools.


  • Lightweight but robust membrane provides an ease of handling on site.
  • Unique APAN™ technology forms strong adhesion to concrete.
  • Self-healing in the event of puncture.
  • No jointing tapes required.