Teknocem AQ


TEKNOCEM AQ is a cement blend including polymers and microsilica to produce a structural mortar which possesses anti-washout properties when placed under water, or in tidal zones. The mortar is easily mixed with water to produce a cohesive material which remains homogeneous for ease of application under water. The mixed material will not be adversely affected in under water situations. The mortar achieves excellent adhesion to both concrete and masonry substrates. Its anti washout properties enable effective plugging and sealing of leaks. The use of this mortar will ensure minimum contamination of waterways.


TEKNOCEM AQ is used for the repair of concrete and masonry in areas which are submerged in water, either at the time of placement or after the placement has been completed. Applications include the repair of marine structures including harbours, jetties, locks, is also suitable for the repair of tunnels and culverts where water is present.