Teknocem HB50


TEKNOCEM HB50 is a high strength low density cementitious mortar which comprises of 3rd generation polymer technology to produce high strength mortar that is suitable for structural applications. It´s thixotropic nature ensures that it can be easily applied in both vertical and overhead applications. The pre-bagged mortar is reinforced with microfibers, to provide additional protection from shrinkage cracking.


TEKNOCEM HB50 is suitable for use as a re-profiling mortar for structural applications. It´s low density properties make it particularly suitable for overhead and vertical applications where low slump properties are critical.


  • Single pack product requiring the addition of only clean water.
  • Extremely low density mortar, providing excellent anti slump properties.
  • Excellent adhesive strength to concrete and masonry.
  • Primerless application.
  • The cured mortar offers excellent resistance to water and chlorides.
  • Listed for use in Drinking Water Applications  Reg 31