Teknocem S


TEKNOCEM S is a high strength cementitious mortar which conforms to class R4 in accordance with EN1504. The mortar comprises of a unique cement and hybrid polymer formulation, and is fibre reinforced to produce a high strength non-shrink repair mortar. It is a low-density thixotropic mortar which allows the product to be used for the repair and reprofiling of structural elements in both vertical and overhead applications. TEKNOCEM S is supplied as a single component product which just requires the addition of clean water when mixing on site.


TEKNOCEM S is used in applications where a rapid strength gain structural repair mortar is required. The hardened repair offers excellent abrasion resistance making it suitable for areas that are subject to trafficking. Applications include the repair of bridge structures, tunnels, viaducts and other civil structures which require the use of a high-performance repair mortar.


TEKNOCEM S complies with the Highways Agency standard BD 27/86, suitable for the repair of highways structures and bridges.


• High early compressive strength.
• Lightweight mortar for overhead and vertical applications.
• Suitable for application in high build situations.
• Excellent resistance to sulphate attack.
• Dense matrix once cured, providing excellent resistance to water and chlorides.