Teknocrete is a highly expansive grout. It is typically used to fracture rock, or reinforced concrete as well as breaking up pier caps, foundations and hard-stone substrates such as granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, quartzite, volcanic rock (porous, or not). This product may also be used in underwater excavation, where explosives cannot be used. There are standard and summer variants, suitable for different temperature ranges. Work should be carried out away from direct sunlight to prevent sudden heating which can cause material to blow out of the holes.


Teknocrete is suited for a range of demolition works but is most common for applications where explosions or drilling will cause interruption, damage, pollution etc. to the surrounding environment. Teknocrete is often used in quarries and demolition works, in preparation for concrete repairs and mining. This helps to save both time and money, as well as causing minimal disruption to the environment.


• Noise and vibration free.
• Environmentally friendly, no dust, flyrock, gas or debris.
• Easy of application by non-skilled operatives.
• Less hazardous than conventional methods.
• No licence or special expertise required for usage.
• Expansive stress of more than 28MPa.
• Economical – savings in manpower, product cost and removal of waste.