Teknodure AW


TEKNODURE AW is a polymer-enhanced cementitious grout which contains special additives to provide anti-washout properties when placed under water. It is a single component product which is mixed with water to achieve a fluid grout that is suitable for hand or pump placement. The anti-washout polymer binds the cement particles to the fine micro silica aggregates to ensure the placed grout remains homogeneous when under water.


TEKNODURE AW is used in underwater applications or tidal zones. Applications include the grouting of piles, steel columns, pre-cast sections and grouting of other elements in underwater applications. It may also be used as a suitable void filler for grouting behind sea walls and in pre-cast situations.


  • Excellent anti-washout properties.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Chloride free.
  • Fluid, pumpable consistency.