Teknodure F


TEKNODURE F is a high strength rapid-set cementitious grout with good flow and non-shrink properties. It is a single component product which is mixed with clean water to produce a grout which will achieve a compressive strength in excess of 20 MPa after 2hrs. TEKNODURE F is chloride-free making it suitable for use in contact with steel reinforcement. Once hardened, the grout is very dense making it resistant to the effects of freeze-thaw action. It is suitable for placement at thicknesses between 10mm and 100mm, for thicker sections the grout maybe bulked out with a 6mm aggregate.


TEKNODURE F is used as a rapid setting grout where a structural grout is required and where rapid strength gain allows loads to be applied very quickly. It is suitable for grouting elements in tidal zones, it is also suitable for use in cold weather working.