Teknodure GP


TEKNODURE GP is a cementitious non-shrink grout which is mixed with water to produce a flowable grout with a good compressive strength. It is a fluid grout, suitable for placement under structural elements and is designed for use in thicknesses between 10 mm and 100 mm. Its non-shrink properties ensure that plastic settlement and shrinkage are negated. TEKNODURE GP is free from chlorides, making is suitable for application in contact with steel.


TEKNODURE GP is designed as a non-shrink cementitious grout for use in applications where a good compressive strength is required. Applications include, grouting beneath stanchion bases, pre-cast concrete units, underpinning and void filling.


  • Good flow characteristics.
  • Good compressive strength.
  • Chloride-free.
  • Non-shrink.