Teknodure HS


TEKNODURE HS is a ultra-high strength grout based on a special blend of cement and polymers and hybrid admixtures to produce an extremely high performance grout. It is a single component product which is mixed with water to produce a shrinkage compensating grout with plasticising agents to produce an extremely fluid grout at a low water content. The product maybe placed in critical load situations to provide exceptional structural support and resistance to dynamic loads. TEKNODURE HS is chloride free making it suitable for use in contact with steel reinforcement. The cured grout offers excellent resistance to the effects of freeze-thaw action due to its low water content it has low water absorption rates and is resistant to oil and sea water. The product maybe supplied in under water grade which consists of special anti-washout agents for placement under water.


TEKNODURE HS is typically used in critical applications, including bridge bearings, critical load base plates, wind turbine bases, crane rail tracks and other applications where a grout with extremely high mechanical properties is required.


  • Extremely high compressive strength.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.
  • Chloride free.
  • Good resistance to dynamic load.