Teknolevel SL


TEKNOLEVEL SL is a two-component cementitious mortar comprising of a uniquely formulated polymer component and a cementitious aggregate blend which are mixed together to produce a surfacing mortar suitable for application to both new and existing concrete substrates to provide a hard wearing traffickable skid resistant surface. TEKNOLEVEL SL is suitable for use in thin applications to increase surface friction whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing surface which may be trowelled and finished to the desired surface profile.


TEKNOLEVEL SL is particularly suitable for application to concrete substrates where superior skid resistance is required, such as in car parks and turning circles. It is also suitable for application to concrete where the surface has become damaged and an effective surfacing mortar is required without the need for excessive concrete removal.


  • Applied in section thicknesses down to 3 mm.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Good bond to new and existing concrete.
  • May be finished to a high standard.