TEKNOMATCH is a single component, structural grade repair mortar, based on the latest polymer cement technology, which is suitable for the repair of damaged, honeycombed or spalled concrete. It is highly waterproof and includes characteristics to achieve a high build. To achieve colour and texture match to existing substrates, Grey and White additives can be added at different ratios. Trial mixes are advised for when matching to existing substrates. A coloured aggregate can also be incorporated into the mix, as well as a coloured concrete pigment for colour matching. Teknomatch is suitable for vertical, overhead and horizontal applications.

• No special primers are required
• Supplied in Grey and White grades to suit colour matching applications on site
• Coloured aggregates or concrete coloured pigments can also be incorporated
• Physical properties of cured materials similar to base concrete
• Low shrinkage and high bond strength properties ensure monolithic performance of the repair
• Polymer modified to enhance adhesion with low permeability
• Excellent resistance to acid gases, moisture ingress and chlorides