Teknoprime 842


TEKNOPRIME 842 is a high-performance polymer enhanced cementitious primer for application to porous substrates. It´s unique formulation will increase the adhesion of PREMCRETE repair mortars, even to the most difficult of substrates. It will penetrate the substrate to ensure an intimate bond is achieved, whilst also sealing surface to ensure excessive suction of the fresh mortar does not occur resulting in cracking.


TEKNOPRIME 842 is used to ensure there is a good intimate bond between highly porous substrates and subsequently applied cementitious mortars and coatings. It will prevent the rapid drying of the freshly placed mortars which typically occurs on substrates that are highly porous and have high suction properties.


  • Excellent adhesive bond to highly porous substrates.
  • Simple one coat application by brush or roller.
  • Pre-weighed components suitable for mixing by hand.