Tie Hole Sealer


TIE HOLE SEALER is a single component polymer enhanced cementitious mortar which exhibits excellent adhesive properties to concrete. Once cured it provides an effective barrier to water under hydrostatic pressure. It possesses rapid hardening properties, making it particularly suitable for applications where down-time must be kept to a minimum.


TIE HOLE SEALER is used for the filling of tie bolt holes that are commonly found in reinforced concrete wall constructions. It may be used as a waterproof mortar for basement and substructure constructions. It may also be used for filling voids and fixing holes in precast concrete elements.


  • Polymer modified to provide enhanced bond to the substrate.
  • Dense matrix when cured to provide effective barrier to hydrostatic water pressure.
  • Rapid setting to provide a high strength mortar.
  • Non-shrink to ensure maximum integrity.
  • Single component requiring only the addition of clean water.