Joint Sealing

Joint sealing may be a relatively simple process to ensure the integrity of movement joints but is a vital one. As a result, effective joint sealing is a critical consideration, not only from a new-build perspective, but also from a commercial point of view.

Movement joint sealing is a necessity in all concrete structures from Monolithic slabs to Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings, at FIS, we are proud to distribute a range of Premcrete joint sealing products that provide comprehensive solutions for all types of joint in any structure. From standard saw cut movement joints to complex trafficked joints, which require either chemical or fuel resistance, we have the answers and the technical expertise to offer the correct sealant for any project. Listed below are links to our manufacturer’s catalogue that cover a complete range of joint sealant needs.

Polysulphide Sealants

Meeting internationally recognised standards, our polysulphide sealants, such as Premcrete Preflex 300, are available both as gun grade and pouring varieties. Polysulphide sealants are suitable for sealing all types of movement joint including, retaining walls, floors, underground structures, reservoirs and brickwork masonry joints.

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Polyurethane Sealants

Typically used for saw cut expansion joint sealing, Premcretes Preflex PU a one component hybrid-based polyurethane sealant is a useful multipurpose joint sealant which can be used for sealing horizontal and vertical joins in applications that are prone to mechanical abrasion and vibrations, and is particularly suited for sealing joints in the marine environment.

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Epoxy and Methacrylate Sealants

Curing reach exceptionally high shore A hardness, both Premcrete’s Preflex EP and Preflex MMA are perfectly suited to floor joint applications which require high resistance to penetration. Available as both gun grades and pouring, both of these epoxy and methacrylate sealants are hard enough to protect arris edges from breakdown by heavy loading, making them the perfect solution to filling large joints in long strip floor installations.

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Pitch Free Sealants

Conforming to the BS5212:1990 our available pitch free sealants are ideal for sealing joints in concrete paving to achieve fuel resistant joints. Curing to form an elastomeric seal, Preflex UR enables movement to be maintained whilst its consistency when mixed caters for direct pouring into horizontal joints. This Premcrete pitch free sealant is quick and easy method of forming a fuel resistant joint sealant which will be abrasion resistant for years to come.

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Bitumen Sealants

Hot poured Bitumen sealants, such as Preflex 600, are a cost effective and easy way to form a rubber bitumen seals and are best suited for standard concrete joint sealing. This is because of bitumen’s high bonding level with concrete substrates and its very resilient nature.

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Filler Boards

Available either as an Exafoam Fillerboard or as an Exafibre Fillerboard, filler boards are used in the construction process to form the joint. Contact us today to discuss the most suitable board for your joint application according to resilience and compression characteristics. The filler boards are available in strips of varying sizes and sheets to suit other concrete slip forming applications.

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