Cavity Drain Systems

Cavity Drain systems form part of Type C waterproofing protection. Type C is any tanking or waterproofing which is applied internally to the structure. Cavity drain systems deal with water ingress and contain it to then pump it out of the structure. FIS regularly design Type C cavity drainage systems when designing structural waterproofing schemes. The cavity drain system is highlighted by the British Standard as being one of the most suitable waterproofing systems to use in any water remaining underground structure regardless of the risk level.

The detailing for this type of system can often require experience and in-depth knowledge and we take the time necessary to understand the structure in question and then design the system specifically for the structure.

There are many parts to the system including specialist sealers, sump pumps, hydroprufe tapes and waste pipes. The installing contractor must also have Mechanical and Electrical capabilities to enable the correct installation of the sump pump.

Click on the below link to be taken to the Premcrete technical data sheets which will provide detailed information and specifications on the products.

Premcrete Hydroflow HP8/20 Cavity Drain System 

A complete cavity drain water management system for:

Type C Structural Waterproofing

Width 2M
Height 20M
Weight 35Kg

Hydroflow Corner Tape 

HCR Butyl Tape

Hydroflow Plugs

Hydrochannel with outlets and rodding eyes

Hydroflow Sump Pump