Pre-applied Membranes

Pre-applied membranes are Type A barriers often position before the concrete is poured hence the term pre-applied. These membranes are found on the external face of the structure and need to be strong and robust due to the fact that they will have concrete poured against them.

As part of a range of pre-applied membranes, Premcrete has developed Maxiprufe Plus which is a robust, waterproof membrane. It is very lightweight and very thin for maximum ease of application and complete water tightness.

FIS design Type A waterproofing systems using the following Premcrete products, you can access more information and download the product technical datasheet by clicking on the link, this will take you to the Premcrete website:

Maxiprufe Plus

A revolutionary lightweight polymer activated membrane

Width 2M
Length 50M
Weight 57Kg

Twinseal Compound 

Maxiprufe Nails

Maxiprufe 2000

A bentonite geotextile pre-applied membrane

Width 1M
Length 5M
Weight 30Kg

Twinseal Compound 

Maxiprufe Nails


A gas proof pre-applied waterproof membrane

Width 2M
Length 25M
Weight 50Kg

Twinseal Compound 


Hydroprufe DPM

A robust loose laid Damp proof membrane

Width 4M
Length 12.5M
Weight 23Kg

HCR Girth Tape 

HCR Butyl Tape