Waterproof Concrete

Integral Type B structural waterproofing protection is often achieved by using an additive for the concrete to create a concrete structure which resists hydrostatic water pressure. FIS use the Premcrete Hydrocrete watertight concrete admixture as a Type B barrier within their waterproofing designs for concrete structures. This is a pore blocking water resisting admixture which is added to the concrete mix at the concrete plant, this allows the contractor to construct a water resisting structure using watertight concrete in just the same fashion as constructing using a standard concrete Using Hydrocrete concrete as an integral watertight barrier is a highly effective method of producing a waterproof structure and protecting against hydrostatic pressure.

Click on the orange links below to view the Premcrete technical datasheets for the Hydrocrete watertight concrete admixture and the associated waterbars and water stops.

Premcrete Hydrocrete Concrete 

Appearance White Powder
Dosage 1Bag per M3
Cement Content 350Kg/M3
Water/Cement Ratio 0.45

Structural Waterbars

Premcrete Hydrostop BR 

Property Values
Colour Black
Swelling Ratio 400%
Density 1.5Kg/dm3
Weight 0.75Kg/M
Installation Temperature -150C – +600C
Odour Odourless
Dimensions 5M x 20mm x 25mm

Premcrete Hydrobar

Property Values
Colour Black
Shore A Hardness 80 – 90
Tensile Strength 14.9Mpa
Weight 0.75Kg/M
Relative Density 1.44
Elongation at Break >300%

190 x 25M 

240 x 25M

Premcrete Cemflex plate

Property Values
Colour Black
Height 150mm
Length 2M
Accessories Cemflex Clips

Concrete Repair and Tie hole sealers

Teknocem HB50

Pack Size 25Kg
Yield 16.5Ltrs
Strength 48Mpa
Setting Time 2 Hours

Teknoprime 841 

Teknoprime 842

Teknolevel SL 

Pack Size 25Kg
Yield 15.75Ltrs
Strength 13N/mm2
Setting Time 2Hours

Tie Hole Sealer

Pack Size 5Kg
Yield 4Ltrs
Strength 59N/mm2
Setting Time 20 Minutes